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Why I Love Heroes of the Storm

I tend to focus on one game at a time.  Many years ago I was obsessed with City of Heroes (City of Villains) before it went down. Then it was World of Warcraft, and now Heroes of The Storm.  There have been some little games sprinkled through the years. ( DC Universe online, Final Fantasy XIV a Realm Reborn, Sims Online, Guild Wars, etc.) But if you would like to play a game that doesn’t take over your life, hours of grinding, professions and the like, this game is for you..  Anyone can hop on Heroes of The Storm and battle for a while and if you take a break from it…you aren’t hopelessly behind. I went off World of Warcraft for what didn’t seem that long and the next time I logged on there had been two expansion packs and my characters had become total crap.  Oh, did I mention it is free?

At first the gameplay is a little strange.  You aren’t using the beloved W, A, S, D keys on your keyboard.  Instead you move by clicking around. Your powers are Q, W, E, and sometimes D.  But if you hang in there you’ll find it well worth it.

Another thing I love about HoTS is the characters.  There are SO many to choose…from tanks, bruisers, healers, and assassins. I’ve been mostly a healer for so many years I hardly remember playing other builds.  HoTS makes it easy to try different builds. If you play against the AI’s they will provide healer etc. Which is great for learning new roles. These characters also come from a variety of games. I’ve learned endless information about Overwatch, which I had never even heard about.

When you level you get these treasure chests.  They are crazy fun to open even though most of the time you get things that you would barely use.  In example emojis. I don’t like to take the time looking through all they provide and instead use the plain old ones.  Sometime you get things like new characters, skins and mounts. It’s like Christmas when you get something rare.

The skins and mounts are a lot of fun.  Before each battle you can change so many things around.  Even the announcer for the battle. A good example is Junkrat. He says funny things like, “that is one krispy hero.” Sometimes at the start of a battle your characters will talk to one another. A good example is when a character says something a little rude Sylvanas says, “I will cut out your tongue.” D.Va also has some funny lines like, “Can we take a selfie.”

Many players enjoy PvP which really isn’t my jam.  I play by myself or with my boyfriend and let the AI’s fill in the rest. Also when I start playing a new character I put the difficulty level on beginner so I can mess around with talents and how the character works. PvP or alone, it’s completely up to you.

Every Tuesday they have several characters that are free to play. As in you haven’t bought them with gold or gems. I actually look forward to Tuesday because of this.

PvP’er or loner this game is crazy fun!

Blizzards HoTs universe heroes

As I’ve mentioned before character selection from several different games. World of Warcraft, OverwatchStar Craft, and Diablo. Amazing to pick characters in which you’ve become familiar.

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