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the different kind of world of warcraft players

The Different Types of
World of Warcraft Players

The Accidental Text Speaker IRL (yes that was intentional)

The accidental text speaker usually knows instantly this makes them look like a douche to those who don’t play. Some examples:

    • LOL
    • PWN
    • BRB
    • GG
The Corpse Manipulator

Playing with corpses. (No, of course not IRL). There’s little more satisfying than to sit on the dead players head. Sometimes you make your character emote cry for the other player but usually more satisfying to sit on their head in true tea bag fashion.

world of warcraft screenshot of dead player
The Annoying Player

Sometimes it’s just messing with other players or NPC’s. A great example is a friend of mine had a mount that looked like it was humping everytime she hit spacebar for jump. Instead, (for some reason) this mount would hump but not jump. This gave us hours of fun. She would hump NPC’s and of course other players. Some of the players would run away as to not feel molested. ( I also enjoy clicking on NPC’s until they get pissed off and say something rude. )

The Player with ADD (ADHD)

Another form of the annoying character is the one that before a raid or even during a quest makes their character jump up and down constantly. This is one of my pet peeves. But you never let the player doing the jumping that it bothers you.  This just makes their jumping somehow more satisfying for them.

The Caffeine Junkie

Caffeine becomes your frenemy. No matter how you get it in your bloodstream. Some examples are Mountain Dew, coffee etc. . It’s our friend because it keeps us wide awake albeit with a little shaking. And our enemy because it makes you have to run to the bathroom during the most inopportune times.

3 botttles of mountain dew in different colors
The Ones Who Understand Aggro:

Every true WoW player knows about aggro. Whether the tank is holding it or if you have accidently pulled it to yourself. But, if something takes your attention away from what you are doing you still call it aggro i.e. You may need to explain that you have “wife aggro” “husband aggro” or even  “child aggro” and these are just a few examples.Everyone on the team knows exactly what you mean and are very forgiving.

The Suicidal Character:

Oh come on it’s not as bad as it looks. These daredevils take their character to areas with high cliffs (or any kind of high edge) and seeing if it’s high enough for your character to die on impact. Every now and then you find these ledges or buildings that from which you fall and croak. If it’s not intentional yelling at the screen usually helps.

The Loot Hoarder

The loot hoarder keeps useless items that they will more than likely never use. Or it’s use is very limited. For example the Christmas outfit, halloween masks, various wands and fireworks. Many people make a “bank character” to store all their crap, all the while convincing themselves that  they will possibly need everything later. I’m guilty of this as well. Constantly in raids I find myself out of bag space and having to choose what I’m going to delete. Instead of realizing you have a real hoarding problem and too much crap, you buy bigger bags.

world of warcraft bag ui
world of warcraft empty bag with one item
The Altaholic

“Hello, my name is _____ and I’m an altaholic.”  “Hello _____” Yeah I must admit this type of WoW gamer applies to me. Always wanting to try new builds, enjoy the lower quest areas, or thinking of  funny name, the need for more bag space, or your friends move to a different server. Or you just want to try different classes. Start with gnome, try human, oh wait I want a night elf. I’m die hard alliance but some players would like to change factions. There are many reasons we become altaholics. The first step is admitting you have a problem.Or is it?

The Player in Need of Anger Management
If you’ve played WoW for very long you have run across the players that have “nerd rage” who also frequently “rage quit”.Something in the dungeon is difficult, party keeps dying, complaining about tank and/or healer. For these players it’s never because they suck. Also these nerds with rage issues quit when they are given instructions on how to play a certain map or boss. Admit it, we’ve all left a dungeon when it seemed to become hopeless with your current group. But this is not a habit for most players.
world of warcraft gnome mage enranged
world of warcraft gnomes posing
The “Epic” Player

This player usually announces how long they’ve been playing. (I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since vanilla) This gives them a free pass to be as arrogant as they please. From telling you how to play your build to criticising the way you are using your powers or the gear you are wearing.  It usually goes something like this: “I have a level _____ so I know.” Whenever possible, ignore this self-important _____. I’ll let you fill in that blank.

The Grinder

This is the player that spends endless hours fishing, herbing, skinning, and mining as examples. Sometimes they are looking to make some gold, but sometimes it is just something they enjoy.

world of warcraft panda

WoW players come in all different shapes and sizes. But no matter how frustrated or die-hard, we also pay tribute to those who’ve passed. Some examples are:

world of warcraft robin williams tribute

Robin Williams from the role he played in Aladdin (the genie) 1951 – 2014

world of warcraft stan lee tribute

Stan Lee 1922 – 2018

Grown up gamer girl. Because gamer woman just sounds wrong.

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