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When he always thinks you need assistance.

Being able to enjoy gaming with your significant other is marvelous.  I have always enjoyed the considerable time spent with my boyfriend through this medium.  The problem is he is WAY better at gaming than I am and spends quite a bit more time playing.  Yes, I can admit it. Yes, I can give him props for his prowess. But UGH, let me make my own decisions and enjoy the games without feeling like I’m being schooled.

Some examples:

“Run baby!”

“Move back!”

“Why did you die?”

“What are you doing?”

“Why are you over there?”

“Come help me!”

“You need to heal!”

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Well, you get the idea.  I have a lot more examples but don’t need to elaborate further.   If you are a gaming couple and you are a gaming sister…you know what I mean! Of all the gaming couples I’ve known it’s always the male that wants to take over.  Seriously? What is that about? For the love of the gaming gods, please just let us play!

Most of the time I like to play a healer.  And most females that I game with are the same way.  I guess it’s enjoying being able to help others. I know I get a rush from clutch heals.  Most males (that I have known over the years) like to play tanks. This only contributes to their ego and the appearance of “running the show”.  

And another reason I enjoy playing a healer is that he rarely does.  Don’t get me wrong, he still tries to school me about healing…but it gives me the sense of being in my own domain.  The gaming czar seems to instruct me less. In fact, I feel somewhat annoyed when he plays a healer. Dude! Just give me one thing that I can do better than you!

Most of the time I just let the instructions evaporate into thin air.  But sometimes…just sometimes…I want to scream! I’ve brought this up to him before but it doesn’t really change.  I guess these are the roles we take in the gaming world. One day, I want to watch a female just beat the ever loving shit out of a dude.  That would be nice.

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