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Let Your Gaming Freak Flag Fly

I’m a middle aged female who loves to game.  My absolute favorite is playing MMO’s (especially with my boyfriend).  I suppose it’s a strange dichotomy since I’m old enough to still be completely perplexed with how a cell phone actually works.  I’m not very tech savvy and have still failed to grasp the allure of social media. (I honestly don’t care what that chick I went to highschool with had for lunch today.)  No, my computer, and brain power go ALL to the game! I crave faster internet, RAM, hard drive, etc for faster gaming and avoiding the ever frustrating lag. NOT because I want to keep up with the Jones’ or GAWD forbid the Kardashians.

Several times I’ve been asked about my hobbies.  This always gives me pause. Especially from peers since I doubt many of them will understand my MMO cravings.  I usually say, “you wouldn’t get it.” That answer rarely spawns more questions. Usually just that awkward silence.  I ride it out.

Sometimes I think about trying to explain.  But, how do you tell someone you love being a Night Elf Priest who heals buddies during an anxiety ridden raid where you yell out in frustration more than you’d like to admit?  How you get a wonderful high from saving a raid member from the brink of death? Or being some epic character that can kill anything in its path? (I call this my kill therapy and it does wonders for an especially foul mood.)  I think it’s the proverbial, “you had to be there” situation. Unless you’ve played and loved MMO’s it’s really hard to explain the allure.

I muddle through twitter and pinterest.  Instagram scares the bejeezus out of me (what are people taking so many pictures of?) and Facebook reminds me of the telemarketers that used to call during dinner.  But a good MMO? All hail technology!

This middle aged female gamer is coming out of the closet! I’m going to let my gaming freak flag fly!  From now on when someone asks me about my hobbies I’ll just tell them and basque in the confusion to follow.

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