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heroes of the storm the fashion show edition

Heroes of the Storm

The Fasion Show Edition

I know I write about Heroes of The Storm way too often. Well like many times in the past I have become obsessed with this game. Maybe I have a short attention span and can only immerse myself in one game at a time.If you haven’t tried this game – give it a try. It’s free so there’s nothing standing in your way. In fact, if you love Blizzard games, it’s already on the blizzard app. My computer is awful (potato?). I can’t even play games like Fortnite and I’ve tried. I can’t get past the skydiving at the beginning. But, for some reason this game plays just fine on my “special needs” computer.

Today we will only be highlighting those characters that I’m more familiar with and love. Also they were very willing to be interviewed.

First we have Jaina. The frost mage that is continually underestimated.

Whenever she wants to go incognito or just wants to attend a fancy dinner party, she can switch to this black number. Heels and jewelry help Jaina look her best and ready to mingle. (Although I would guess she leaves the staff in her car).

heroes of the storm jaini posing in chinese dress skin
heroes of the storm stitches in chefs skin
Who doesn’t love stitches ?

 He’s adorable, has great lines and talks in third person. He’s very willing to tell everything that  he likes. He will also pull his opponents in with his hook, or even puts them in his belly. But did you know that Stitches knows how to work and play?

Yes, Stitches knows how to bring home the bacon AND fry it up in a pan. (Or some kind of meat?) It’s best not to ask. And just in case you were wondering if he could still kick ass while he’s working – he definitely can! Notice he is holding a frying pan complete with fried eggs. Cross him and you get that skillet upside your head!

While Stitches keeps his job at the restaurant he still knows how to have a good time.

Whether it’s hanging out at your pool or relaxing on the beach Stitches is ready! But you have been warned: He will hit you upside the head with the plastic bucket. And even though it’s plastic it makes a decent thud on someone’s head and does considerable damage!

heroes of the storm stitches in bikini skin
Tracer also knows how to have fun in the water. 

Although she rarely hangs out with Stitches as she doesn’t appreciate his constant flirting.  She can’t even understand what he’s saying most of the time. Even though Tracer isn’t at work (taking care of business with her firearm) she is always ready. Just like Stitches and his pail, she can shoot a bad guy into submission with her super soaker.

These guys definitely know how to have a good time and still keep baddies in line!

heroes of the storm tracer posing in 3 different colored beach skins
One of my favorite characters is D.Va.  

Another chick that is often underestimated. Don’t let the pink mech fool you. It is equipped with some serious firepower. Yet another reason she fakes out the bad guys is her sweet voice. “GG, BRB, and can we take a selfie?” On some of her mounts you can see that she never misses a moment to game. She prefers a pink handheld game but she’s not revealing just what game she favors. D.Va can jump from her mech and use a pretty high powered pistol. While she doesn’t frequently party with her mech, she’s ready for a rave at anytime.

heroes of the storm DV.A sitting perched on her mech
Next up is Tyrande. 

She is sugar sweet and will throw that heal whenever it’s needed. But cross her and you’ll get an arrow up your rear.

heroes of the storm tyrande posing with her owl
heroes of the storm tyrande in valentines day skin

When she’s trying to look extra sweet she dons this number including a floating heart behind her. Even her owl turns pink and all her sounds become fairy like. Tyrande looks amazing in her heart outfit but everyone is wondering exactly who she hearts.

No one should have a pajama party without the lost vikings. 

While they frequently run in different directions (huffing and puffing) they eventually come back together.  They can always entertain and always arrive on time and ready for a good movie and popcorn!

heroes of the storm the vikings in pyjama skin
heroes of the storm stitches with pink bear skin

If you feel particularly brave, you can also invite Stitches to your party!

This is my first installment of the Heroes of the Storm fashion show. Next up: Valla, Nova (hot chicks) and some of the not-so-hot dudes. While not great looking they keep their teammates safe and sound.

I hope you enjoyed the “fashion show.”

Grown up gamer girl. Because gamer woman just sounds wrong.

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