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Give Me Some Skin(s)

I have to admit one of the things I love the most about gaming is being able to “dress up” my characters. Many games force you to obtain armor for this purpose. World of Warcraft now has Transmog – where you can keep stats but change the look of your armor. This is still a pain because you have to earn the armor “looks” and you have to obtain the same type of armor for each character. In example, a character that wears cloth can only Transmog cloth. So yeah, I get that nice looking piece of armor but can only use it for a limited amount of my characters. In other words, a total pain in the ass to make your character look cool. (Or slutty if you prefer.) My boyfriend likes to make hideous (a.k.a. hilarious) combinations that are always fun to look at – think my favorite is the pimp.
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OverWatch's Tracer

Heroes of The Storm takes all these annoying steps away. Some of the more exotic skins are difficult to obtain but can be done with chests when you level or you can “buy” them with gems or gold (albeit some are pretty expensive). Still, every character comes with 3 skins that are still fun. Matching a mount to the colors, choosing a flag that you like (these are put down on the map when you capture a camp) a spray paint image and you can even change up the announcer..

The spray paint images are pretty worthless but fun to change and use. You just hit “t” on your keyboard and your character sprays the image on the ground. The only use I can come up with for this is if you want someone else to follow you and you leave a path like breadcrumbs. This is not necessary though because of the multipurpose minimap that you can even ping.  (It’s very helpful when playing with AI’s and you need help.) It’s also nice because of the little blue dots for your team or the red ones for the opposing side.

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CarBot Animations

Some of the mounts are just amazing, funny, and cool. You can have your character ride around on a bar of soap (complete with streaming bubbles), a cloud, a big heart, and even cool motorcycles in different colors that have tires made of fire.. More mounts are added when there is an event going on in the game. The mounts are pretty much just like a skin. Also extremely fun to collect and SO much easier to obtain then in games like World of Warcraft where you have to do some ridiculous grinds.

This is just another fun level to playing Heroes of the Storm. I really love this game if that had not become apparent before. You can go from a lightweight gamer to the more hardcore gamer. Like I’ve mentioned before, I do not like PvP. It’s usually fraught with stress and frustration for me. PvP in World of Warcraft has ruined a lot of keyboards for me. I plan to try it at some point but will have to be mindful about banging my forehead into my monitor. Luckily you can remove chat from PvP to reduce shit talking!

Another nice option in HoTS is being able to look at available skins. Before you start the battle there is a screen that allows you to choose the character you are going to play etc. There is also a “loadout” option. If you want to see all the skins available (even the ones you haven’t obtained yet). It is reminiscent of the paper dolls I played with as a little girl. You can literally stay on this screen and play “dress up” with all the characters. This becomes a fashion show for me! I have so much fun playing dress up.

I’ll go into some of the optional skins in a later post (there are so many). It’s a HoTS fashion show for those of us that are into that type of thing.

May your loot chest be full of epics!

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