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Celebrities Are Just Like Us

Celebrities are just like us

Many Also Game !

There’s a current video on YouTube about Post Malone getting his extravagant new PC setup.

It got me thinking. Who else famous loves computer games? I looked at several websites and a few YouTube videos to make myself a list. Some of them certainly surprised me. But in that warm and fuzzy way.

First I checked those who play World of Warcraft. Since that is a game that I have played for years and will understand some of what celebrities were saying.

jimmy fallon posing
Jimmy Fallon
Ben Affleck

The actor that played batman in the last few films including Batman vs. Superman. This left me to wonder: If they both play WoW have they ever PvP’d together? And who would win?

Henry Cavill

In fact, in an interview with Conan had admitted that he didn’t get the call about the superman role because he was in a five man dungeon and didn’t want to quit. He went further to say, “I had my priorities straight.”

batman and superman standing side by side
Ben Affleck & Henry Cavill
Vin Diesel

Mr. Diesel has been known to play a druid in World of Warcraft. Who wouldn’t want to see that? Also impressive is that he owns his own game development studio.

Vin Diesel posing in sleeveless black shirt
Vin Diesel
Dave Chapelle posing in jeans and orange shirt
Dave Chapelle
Dave Chapelle

Who wouldn’t want to run a dungeon with a honest to goodness real life comedian? Instead of the wannabes that you probably play World of Warcraft with now.

Ronda Rhosey

I really enjoyed watching her interview with Conan. She talked about starting her new guild. She admitted that they were looking for tanks and healers but would consider anyone. She also warned that in her guild there is A LOT of cussing. A girl after my own heart!

ronda rousey posing with her mma belt
Ronda Rhosey
mila kunis posing and smiling
Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis

Mila admits to her past obsession with playing her mage on World of Warcraft. She says she has had to back off the amount of hours she plays. I would love to see an episode of Family Guy where Meg played WoW.

Seth Rogen and Zac Efron are both big time gamers who have acted together in the Neighbors trilogy. Here they are reviewing a game with Conan O’Brian.

world of warcraft longgated logo

Celebrities don’t just play World of Warcraft. (Although God love ‘em most of them do).  Some other honorable mentions include:

  • Lil Wayne
  • Ludacris
  • Bill Gates (of course)
  • Daniel Craig (Halo and Guitar Hero)
  • Ice T (Grand Theft Auto and Gears of War 3)
  • Justin Bieber (Pokemon GO)
  • Kobe Bryant (Call of Duty)
  • Jack Black (Project Gotham)
  • Drake – who livestreams on Twitch Fortnite
  • Snoop Dogg – who also livestreams on Twitch Halo
  • Michael Phelps (Call of Duty)
  • Will Arnett
And while talking World of Warcraft we should recognize two men that at one time
greatly enjoyed Azeroth.
world of warcraft sign with robin williams and walker profile pics on either side
Robin Williams & Paul Walker
It was a lot of fun researching these guys and the games they play. I’m glad I took the time and I hope you are too.
Grown up gamer girl. Because gamer woman just sounds wrong.

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